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December Newsletter with Summer Recap

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Finally the long awaited DCR newsletter with the summer recap.

The centerpiece of my agenda to attract new members and retain all randonneurs is the Brevet of the Month. By trying to supply new and different challenges each month to the riders we hope to maintain and build on the enthusiasm and camaraderie that is evident each spring. Participation in the initial brevets this summer was very encouraging and exceeded my expectations. Lost River 200K, Gappitty Gap 200K, and Lebanon Church 200K all had 20 or so entries and many riders rode in all three.

Lost River was designed to showcase the pluses of the out and back route. I received many positive comments about the prospect of seeing many other riders coming and going. Others commented that it didn’t seem like an out and back because the scenery didn’t seem the same in the other direction.

Gappitty Gap was designed to be hard and to bring more extended climbing into the challenge that we have not been doing on recent brevets. But are very common in other regions. Gappitty Gap lived up to the hype as the typical time of the riders was about 2 hours longer than what they posted for either Lost River or Lebanon Church. Many would be riders who missed this ride and many who did ride requested that it be repeated in the future. It may very well become an annual event.

Lebanon Church was designed to give the randonneurs that hadn’t had the chance to experience some of the route from the Lost River 300K and also included some of the climbing from Gappitty Gap and the out and back features that had riders seeing each other coming and going from the Lost River. The start location from the Community Center with the advantages that it offers also played a roll in making this ride distinctive and different from others.

Another key component to the plan for growing and expanding randonneurung is the permanents program. It will help riders with schedules that prevent them from riding on event dates to achieve the R-12 and others that just want to rack up RUSA points.

In November Tom Reeder became the first member to achieve the R-12 when he completed a brevet in Houston. I don’t think anyone will join Tom in the R-12 club this year. A few of us should achieve this in January with more expected thru the spring and beyond. To this end Mark Vinette became the first member to complete a permanent by riding Lost River 200K on Nov. 30.

Older Newsletters

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

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