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Bears Den Details

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Newsletter Special Edition: Bears Den Details

This is an update on the Brevets at Bears Den. The cottage at the Bears Den is a rustic cabin. There is no indoor plumbing. There is an ORF and a water spigot outside. A shower is available at the lodge. If you plan to overnight, bring your sleeping bag and mattress pad. Consider “roughing it” as part of PBP training. For more information visit: Other accommodation options can be found in Berryville and Winchester. The Battletown Inn in Berryville 8 mi. west has private rooms (phone 540-955-4100).

Lynn Ho is coordinating the catering and we are planning on grilling out on Sat night. Since purchasing and preparing of the food are dependent on who and how many are expected. Please RSVP to Lynn Ho by 6/26 so that we can make preparations. We can use some help with setup up and clean up.

The Brevets start at 8pm Friday with an overnight 200K. This ride will be along the Shenandoah River at twilight, followed by the full moon lit Fort Valley. After climbing Edinburg Gap we will have a late night ride up US 11 to an early morning dining experience at the Triangle Diner before finishing the final 20 odd miles back to the Bears Den in the early morning glow. I encourage anyone planning on the 90hr PBP start to do this brevet to experience the overnight riding. I would also like to make an attempt to ride semi-audax style with other riders.

On Saturday, the brevet starts at 8am, partly to allow most of the over nighters to finish and ride again if they wish. The route will go north along the Shenandoah thru Harpers Ferry to Sheppardstown to a turn around in Hancock. This out and back route will allow us to stop twice at the Sweet Shop in Sheppardstown.

Sunday’s Brevet with a 5am start, will head East on Snickersville Gap into the dawn. After stopping in Haymarket to control the ride turns West on US 55 to Marshall and then takes Cresthill Rd to Flint Hill before going on to Sperryville for a turn around control at Burgers and Things. After back tracking the riders will head up and over Chester Gap to Front Royal and along the Shenandoah River before the final climb back up to the Bears Den.

If you want a break from your bike, there are great hiking options. Check out the Bears Den website for more information.

Hope that everyone can find their ideal relaxing/training options in the above choices. I especially hope some of the new members that we haven’t seen yet, will find their way to the Bears Den. Parking for the brevets will be at the Parking lot at the corner of RT 7 and Blue Ridge Mountain Rd. This is also were the brevets will officially start.

We hope to see you there!

Matt Settle,RBA

June Newsletter

Friday, June 8th, 2007

The ACP qualifying series continued with two very different, but equally scenic and challenging 400K randonees. 82 starters earned 74 brevets. Thank you Lynn Kristianson and Chris Mento for coordinating these outstanding events and recruiting the excellent volunteer staff. Three CHEERS for all involved in making these events special.The final test, the 600K qualifier is this SAT/SUN from the Super 8 in Middletown, Va. This ride will certainly test the randonneurs desire and determination as it traverses the Shenandoah Valley with its endless undulating terrain. Pacing and time management become more important as the randonees grow longer and fitness becomes less a factor in completing the course. The weather forecast for this weekend is for very warm temps on Sat. Please remember to hydrate and pace yourself. The object of the sport is to finish, so respect the heat and humidity and save some energy for later in the brevet. Remember, randonneuring is about overcoming obstacles, so flexibility and adaptation to the conditions are key. Try to be rested as much as possible at the start.

The Brevet of the Month returns to the calendar with 3 200K Brevets from the Bears Den Lodge on June 29,30, and July 1. The brevet on June 29th will begin at 8 pm. This will allow us to follow the sunset west and then ride with the full moon thru the night to a sunrise finish, if we are fast enough. Saturday the brevet starts at 8 am. On Sunday it’s a 5 am start with the sun rising as we climb along Mt Weather Rd. These brevets, use of the cottage, and lots of munchies is free to all DC Randonneurs and their families. Everyone is encouraged to come out and share their experiences and aspirations for PBP. Keep in mind that there is more to life than brevets. The Bears Den is a great place to hike, located just steps from the Appalachian Trail and the sunsets from the overlooks of the Valley are spectacular. Also, it is just a nice place to relax. Hope to see you there.

Laissez le bontemps roule!

Matt Settle,RBA