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July Newsletter

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The Middletown 600K was the finale to the ACP qualifying brevets for the 2007 PBP. We experienced excellent cycling conditions and a nice tailwind for most of the first day. Many of us rode through a very pleasant night. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley in completing a very challenging brevet. 50 riders completed their brevets on my 50th birthday. The first rider to finish was RUSA number 678 the last rider to finish was RUSA number was 876.

Thank you to Chuck and Sally for shuttling the drop bags to Raphine. Thanks to Bob Sheldon for helping with the registration. Lynn Kristianson, Gordon Meuse, and Fred Robbins made the Hobson Guest House control special with a great buffet breakfast before the final 100 miles. It was great to see Mary Gersema checking in riders at the finish. Mary’s studies have kept her away from her sexy randonneur lifestyle this season and her presence has been one of the few missing highlights of the year. Finally I want to thank Liz for her enduring support through this first year and for doing whatever was needed to ensure that the brevets went smoothly.

The Bears Den Weekend Brevets were successful with 27 members completing 34 200K brevets. Thanks to Lynn Ho for providing excellent catering under primitive conditions. To her sister Wendy, husband Steve and the other hikers who helped on Sat afternoon, a big thank you as well. There was much camaraderie and talk of PBP. I also began receiving input for the fall brevets and next year. Is there much interest for a full series in the Fall? How about a 1000K? The Brevet of the Month will of course continue…any interest in Darts or Arrows? Let me know what appeals to you.

The next Brevet will be the Gapitty Gap 200K on Aug 4th. This is a very demanding course that goes from Sperryville, VA over 5 gaps to Lost River, WVA and returns on the same route. Permanents are available for riders who didn’t do the Brevet of the Month in July and don’t feel up for Gapitty Gap, but still want the R-12 or DC-13 recognition.

My main duties as RBA are to promote randonneuring, report results, and enforce the rules. I have had to DQ riders for not having lights, for being outside the time limits, not having their brevet cards properly documented, lost brevet cards, etc. This is the hardest part of the job for me because it at times seems counter to promoting the sport. Unfortunately, many riders’ career end with a DNQ or a DNF. This is especially true of some of the new members.

IT HAS BEEN AN EXCITING FIRST YEAR! I look forward to offering varied, challenging brevets and to building the volunteer base that will ensure that we have many more quality brevets in our future.

Matt Settle
RBA, DC Randonneurs