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2008-01-27 General Meeting Notes

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

The meeting notes from the DC Randonneurs general meeting have been posted.

January Newsletter

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


CAROL BELL, MARY CRAWLEY, LINDA GAUDETTE, NANCY GUTH, LYNN HO, MAILE NEEL, and CLARE ZECHER these tenacious women persevered through one of the most challenging PBP’s ever. They overcame many personal challenges that would have stopped many of us. Because of the great fortitude of these randonuses DC Randonneurs was honored to receive the award for the non-french club with the most female finishers. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU.

I’m in the process of sorting the 571 brevet certificates that were earned by RUSA members. This is an increase from 393 in 2006 when the Brevet of the Month was introduced. Which was a big increase from the 229 certificates that were RUSA members earned in 2005. There are also brevet cards from non- RUSA members that are not counted in these totals. Participation in randonneuring is increasing greatly in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 2007 was a very successful year.

We started 2008 with the Mason-Dixon 200K a brand new brevet route designed by Mark Vinette. 47 riders started the brevet setting a record for Brevet of the Month participation. (This in January) Mark designed this route as a permanent route and served as the event coordinator. The route was very different from most of the other brevets in that it started from very close in and presented some different challenges in navigation and traffic in the suburban environment. After a few miles of suburbia, the route was in the countryside and hills and the wind presented the customary obstacles. I thought the route was very nice except the last few miles of traffic and trying to navigate all the cues in the dark.

I must once again remind the riders that following the RULES FOR RIDERS is a necessary part of brevet completion. Riders must have their cards verified with a time and initials or receipt at every control. Riders need to follow the rules of the road (stop at stop signs and red lights). Also receiving assistance on the course from non participants is prohibited (NO DRAFTING others cyclists.) Please be aware of these and the other rules for riders so that I will not have to disqualify you on the next brevet.

The next brevet will be Ride Around Massanutten Mountain on Feb 23rd @ 7:00a.m. . This will be a Fee Free Brevet.

The general meeting of DC Randonneurs will be held at Glen Echo Town Hall this Sunday. Please try to make it to the meeting as we have not been able to achieve quorum in the last two attempts. This is your opportunity to show your support and voice your concerns.


Matt Settle, RBA

General Meeting - (Updated with Agenda) Sunday, January 27th, 2008 @ 7:00PM EST

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

As stated in our By Laws, we will be having a general meeting on January 27th, 2008 at 7:00PM EST. We have reserved Glen Echo Town Hall for this purpose.

Agenda Linked Here



From the Washington Beltway
Take exit #41 for Glen Echo/Clara Barton Pkwy. Go 1.2 miles and take the exit for Cabin John. Turn right on MacArthur Blvd at the T. Go 0.7 of a mile to Harvard Avenue on the right. Turn right on Harvard Ave; the Town Hall is straight ahead at 6106 Harvard.
Parking is very limited, please carpool with other riders and use nearby on-street parking.