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May 31 Urbana 200K Brevet Recap

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

They’re baaack. Yes, the DC Randonneurs returned with a bang on Saturday with the Urbana 200km brevet. Despite weather forecasts that included an 80% probability of rain, 28 of the most hardy randonneurs anywhere turned out for the start at the Urbana Waffle House. And 26 riders successfully finished after pedaling through 5 hours of hard rain, lightning storms, and several hard climbs. Even a jungle of rebar that the highway department erected on the bridge over I-81 near State Line, PA, and that Nick Bull likened to a World War II tank trap, could not stop the group. I followed Keith Krombel down the long descent of MD77 in my car in a torrential downpour, and those mental images will last for a long time. It was also great to hear how new randonneur Chip Peake overcame a bonk using determination and a pile of nutrition products from Jeff Magnuson to get over Mar-Lu ridge and finish with a good time. And to see Jim Romer overcome a late navigation problem to come sprinting into the parking lot to finish with 4 minutes to spare before the cutoff. Seeing these examples, as well as seeing everyone’s postive spirit as they were riding through such rough weather made me really proud to be a part of this very special club.

Results are now posted at thanks to new software that our webmaster, Steve Ashurst, spent many hours writing that allows easy entry of those results.

Special thanks also to Bill Arcieri and Carl and Missy Wakefield for driving to the Waffle House at 6AM to register riders at the start.

Bill Beck