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Cue Sheet and GPS Files for June 5 Many Rivers 600K ACP Brevet

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The cue sheet for the Many Rivers 600K ACP Brevet starting at the Warrenton Hampton Inn at 4:00AM on June 5, 2010 is now posted in Word form at Cue Sheet - 20100605 Many Rivers 600K Brevet (and in PDF form at PDF Cue Sheet - 20100605 Many Rivers 600K Brevet). Registration and bike inspection will occur from 6:30-8:30PM on Friday evening and 3:00-4:00AM on Saturday morning in front of the hotel. If you are not staying at the Hampton Inn, please park as far from the building as possible.

All riders will be required to show front and rear lights attached to their bicycle and personal reflective gear, as described in Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders. Note that spare “bulbs” are not needed for LED lights. But a second, redundant lighting unit is recommended for both front and rear lights.

The link to the GPS files is posted below. But please read this information before downloading them. Always get a copy of the final cue sheet. That final cue sheet contains the official route, so in case there is a conflict with the GPS file, you should resolve the conflict in favor of the cue sheet. Use the GPS as a handy-dandy adjunct. Keep your wits about you, as the GPS cannot notify you of road hazards — it is up to you to ride safely.

We strongly recommend that you set your GPS to the settings below. We cannot guarantee that these will keep you on the official route, but if you have your GPS set some other way, it is entirely possible that it will take you off route, possibly onto unsafe roads. Go to the Setup->Routing page and set as follows:

Guidance Method: Follow Road
Follow Road Method: Shortest Distance
Next Turn Pop-Up: On
Follow Road Options:
  Off Route Recalculation: Prompted
  Calculation Method: Best Route
  Calculate Routes for: Car/Motorcycle
  Avoid: (set to none – the route itself should control this)

In general, a new route starts at each control, and the name of the route has the name of the control’s town.  But info controls do not start a new route.  For the W&OD Trail, at mile 341, it’s probably most straightforward to just keep an eye on the odometer looking for your turn on Maple Ave.  That said, there is a GPS route “99…” available for this section, but you need to navigate using “Off-Road” routing. When you exit the W&OD trail, you’ll need to navigate using route “10W&ODEnd to Ctl9StartEndHampton”

By the way … make sure that your GPS either has maps already downloaded, or select the relevant maps around the routes.

GPS files are posted at GPS Files - 20100605 Many Rivers 600K Brevet.