Eastern Shore Flatbread 200K - Nov 13, 2010

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a great place to be in the Fall and especially if you are there on a bike. It is a vast departure from the Blue Ridge Mountains where we spend so many hours on the bike, in and out of the saddle working hard to get up those 15 %er’s. This ride will not challenge your climbing abilities, but it could beckon you to see how fast you can do this 200K. Careful with that thought process, however, as you will find the wind can be your worst enemy. A nice paceline with someone else on the front can help with all of that, though! And, if that’s not for you, relax a little and take in the sights and sounds of the many migratory birds that can fill up the sky and the landscape as they make their way south for the winter. Bald Eagles have also made a resurgence on the Shore and if you keep vigilant, you could see one or two on your ride as we did last year.

The ride starts in the quaint little town of Centreville, Maryland on the eastern shore and passes through a couple of marshy basins before heading toward the ocean at Slaughter Beach. If the flat terrain has you dozing off, there is a great little coffee shop, Dolce Coffee, at mile 50.7 in Milford, DE, that will give you the energy you need to press on. Their coffee and pastries are wonderful. It was a Control at last years inaugural Flatbread 200K because of a hurricane that took out the beachfront. I hope this year there will be no hurricanes and we can make the beach. Before you get to the Control there at mile 59, you may want to take a left on one of several short roads that give you access to the water and dip a tire or two. Slaughter Beach is at a point where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean converge and due east, 12-13 miles, is Cape May, NJ. – if you feel like a swim.

After the Slaughter Beach Control, you have only 10 miles to the next Control in Milton. The Iguanna Grill is still a nice place for a good lunch and Milton is also the home of the Dogfish Brewery if you feel like a tour is needed. It’s a small town and anybody will give you directions. You will still get your personal best for a 200K!

Heading back towards Centreville and the final Control, the ride will pass through the Bridgeville Control and into to Denton, Maryland. There’s an opportunity to fill your water bottles and grab a snack before the final push into the last Control at the Good Guys Sportsbar in Centreville where great pizza and fun drinks await you.

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