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Cue Sheet and GPS Files for September 17 Cacapon 200K RUSA Brevet

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

The cue sheet for the Cacapon 200K RUSA brevet starting at the Super 8 in Middletown, VA at 7:00AM on September 17, 2011 is now posted at Cue Sheet - 10110917 Cacapon 200K Brevet. Be sure to park as far from the motel entrance as possible. Registration will start at 6:00AM in the motel lobby.

The link to the GPS files is posted below. But please read this information before downloading them. Always get a copy of the final cue sheet. That final cue sheet contains the official route, so in case there is a conflict with the GPS file, you should resolve the conflict in favor of the cue sheet. Use the GPS as a handy-dandy adjunct. Keep your wits about you, as the GPS cannot notify you of road hazards — it is up to you to ride safely.

We strongly recommend that you set your GPS to the settings below. We cannot guarantee that these will keep you on the official route, but if you have your GPS set some other way, it is entirely possible that it will take you off route, possibly onto unsafe roads. Go to the Setup->Routing page and set as follows:

Guidance Method: Follow Road
Follow Road Method: Shortest Distance
Next Turn Pop-Up: On
Follow Road Options:
Off Route Recalculation: Prompted
Calculation Method: Best Route
Calculate Routes for: Car/Motorcycle
Avoid: (set to none – the route itself should control this)

By the way … make sure that your GPS either has maps already downloaded, or select the relevant maps around the routes.

GPS files are posted at GPS Files - 20110917 Cacapon 200K Brevet.

Eastern Shore Flatbread 200K - Nov 12, 2011

Monday, September 12th, 2011

If you’re a “flatlander,” you’ll love this ride. Even if you’re not, you’ll love the sights and sounds of the Eastern Shore in the Fall. It is a vast departure from the Blue Ridge Mountains where we spend so many hours on the bike, in and out of the saddle, working hard to get up those 15 %er’s. This ride will not challenge your climbing abilities, but it will still challenge you in other ways, like – the constant wind! Seems there’s always a headwind. A nice paceline with someone else on the front can help with all of that, though!

The ride starts at the Good Guys Sports Bar in the town of  Centreville, Maryland  and passes through a couple of marshy basins before heading toward the bay / ocean at Slaughter Beach. If the flat terrain has you dozing off, there is a great little coffee shop, Dolce Coffee, in Milford, DE, that will give you the energy you need to press on. Their coffee and pastries are wonderful. At about halfway is Slaughter Beach - a point on the map where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean converge. And, due east 12-13 miles, is Cape May, NJ. – if you feel like a swim. If you don’t, at least check out the view of the water before you head back inland.

After the Slaughter Beach Control, you have only 10 miles to the next Control in Milton. There are a few good lunch stops in Milton, DE, like Iguana Grill, Federal Street Expresso Bar, Irish Eyes, and a convenience store. Milton is also the home of the Dogfish Head Brewery if you feel like a tour is needed or just go and sample the beer. No food, though. Be in and out in 30 minutes or less. Or, if you’re in one those fast pacelines, enjoy yourselves a bit longer. You’ll make up the time on the road.

Heading back towards Centreville and the final Control, the ride will pass through the Bridgeville Control and then into Denton, Maryland. There’s an opportunity to fill your water bottles and grab a snack before the final push into the last Control at the Good Guys Sportsbar in Centreville where great pizza and fun await you.

Woodbine Wallop 200K - December 10, 2011

Friday, September 9th, 2011

This is a reprise of one of our toughest (but scenic!) 200km brevets. Starting innocently enough, the route heads southwest from Woodbine, across rolling terrain, through Damascus, to the first control at the Dickerson Market. Then the fun begins as it climbs Mountville Rd over Mar-Lu ridge (yes, the hard direction), plunges back down to the town of Jefferson, goes over a series of rollers to Burkittsville (made famous in the movie, “The Blair Witch Project”), and then heads over South Mountain at Gathland State Park, passing the only monument to war correspondents. The descent from South Mountain is followed by an even nicer descent down Burnside Bridge Rd. to historic Sharpsburg, and then an easy five miles to Shepherdstown, WV, where riders can reward themselves from the delicious goodies at the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop. Don’t eat too many sweets though, because the climb back across South Mountain on Reno Monument Rd is somewhat steep. The road is named for a monument at the top to General Reno, who died at the spot during the civil war. No cyclists have died on the climb — at least so far. After climbing back over Catoctin Mountain on Shookstown Rd., the route follows rolling piedmont east to the final control in New Windsor, before turning south back toward Woodbine. Save some energy for those final 15 miles, because they include two very pretty, but steep, climbs on Buffalo Rd. and a few short steepies on Watersville Rd. Riders will finally be rewarded by a pleasant half-mile of downhill to the finish at the Pizza Hut. About 12,000 feet of climbing.

North by Northwest 200K - Oct 22, 2011

Friday, September 9th, 2011

The “North by Northwest” 200K brevet is as intriguing and thrilling as the movie. It starts at 7AM from the Frederick Roy Rogers on a tame note, heading north to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania over quiet country roads and passing through two historic covered bridges: the Loys Station covered bridge and the “haunted” Sachs covered bridge. After visiting the Gettysburg battlefield, suspense builds as the ride continues north into the Michaux State Forest. The gradual and very scenic climb over South Mountain is punctuated with a couple of short steep rises and later cruises past mountain top orchards. After the fun descent, which passes Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and later Caledonia State Park, riders will have time to relax a bit during the bucolic interlude through the rolling terrain of the Cumberland Valley that follows. They’ll find themselves again on the edge of their seats as they approach with some trepidation the likes of the final climb over South Mountain back into Maryland. This climb, via Old Rt. 16 and Buena Vista, is really quite lovely and is followed by a nice, long descent into Thurmont. The route from Thurmont back to the post-ride celebration at Linitini’s Pizza in Frederick is gentle.

Registration at the start will open at 6:15AM. (15 minutes later than usual since the Roy Rogers doesn’t open until 6AM).

Cacapon 200K - Sep 17, 2011

Friday, September 9th, 2011

An improved “Other Mother”. Bigger, better and passing only one way over Wolf Gap, this route by Lynn Kristianson is a 200K version of the “Mother of All 300Ks”.

Starting from the Middletown Super 8, the route takes some fairly level terrain slightly west and mostly north along Cedar Creek Grade to an early first control at Cather’s Market on US50. Continuing north, there is more of a warm up on Poor House Road and a long slow downhill on Green Spring Road next to Green Spring Creek. After crossing Back Creek, there are several significant hills - with some terrific views - on the way to a volunteer control at Siler and then more big rollers to Cross Junction on US522. Plenty more climbing awaits through the big woods of Whitacre Road, with a last little uphill slog on US50 to break out in the open in the orchards near the aptly named High View. After winding through the orchards and traveling a short stretch of WV259, the riders turn onto CR13 for a wild ride down the mountain (with a few little ups) to Capon Bridge and a much needed break at Greg’s Drive-in Restaurant. There is a relatively “flat” stretch along the beautiful Cacapon River back to 259 at Yellow Springs. From there it’s familiar territory through Wardensville, up Trout Run and over Wolf Gap, down the mountain to Larkin’s and on home down Back Road, through Clary to US11.