Glen Echo 106km Populaire - Rescheduled to January 28, 2012

Starting from the Glen Echo parking lot, the route heads up somewhat urban roads for the first fifteen miles to the first control at Poole’s Store at Seneca Creek State Park.  This store was founded in 1901, and was the oldest continuously operated country store in Montgomery County.

After Poole’s Store, there is a sharp but brief climb, after which the terrain moderates and the roads become very rural (and increasingly hilly).  Some of the roads are also quite shaded, so watch carefully for icy spots.  The next control is at the Hyattstown Deli, which is a good place for lunch. (An alternative lunch plan: grab a quick something at Hyattsville and eat a more substantial sit-down lunch at Cugini’s in Poolesville.)

Returning to Peach Tree road, the route passes its high point, 700′, at about mile 46, just south of Comus Road, and enters the town of Poolesville.  A final stretch along River Road will return riders to the DC Randonneurs meeting in Glen Echo.  With a net descent of around 600 feet in the last twenty miles of the populaire, those final miles go by pretty quickly.  (About 4600 feet of elevation gain, which is a fairly typical rate of climbing per mile for DCR brevets.)

Official finishers of the populaire will receive this pin.

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