Populaire. Annual meeting. Directions. Agenda.

Save the date: January 21 rescheduled to January 28. Populaire, 9am. Annual Meeting, 4pm.

Populaire: starts at 9 am from the Glen Echo Park parking lot. For details: See the website.

Annual meeting: starts at 4 pm at the Glen Echo Town Hall. Please park in the Glen Echo Park parking lot, three blocks from the Town Hall. There’s a map on the populaire announcement on the website.

Why park “so far away”? There is limited parking in the neighborhood, and we don’t want to tick off the residents and possibly lose the privilege of using the Town Hall. Our use of the Town Hall is courtesy of Andrea and Steve Matney, who are Glen Echo residents. It’s a very nice place to meet, convenient to get to, and provides a good ride start and finish. We hope we’ll be able to continue to meet there, so please show courtesy to the Glen Echo residents.

And another thing … no bike shoes or greasy bike parts (let alone bikes) in the Town Hall. The floor is specially-finished wood and we do not want to mar it, for reasons just stated.

Directions to the Glen Echo parking lot.

From Maryland, take DC Beltway south toward American Legion Bridge, Exit 39, MD190 (River Rd) east toward Washington. Continue 2.2 miles to a right onto MD614 (Goldsboro Rd). At MacArthur Boulevard, make a right then a quick left into parking lot for Glen Echo Park and Clara Barton House.

From Virginia, at Maryland end of American Legion Bridge, take exit 41 onto Clara Barton Parkway east toward DC. In 1.5 miles, bear right on ramp leading to Cabin John overpass. Turn left onto overpass to MacArthur Boulevard. Turn right and continue 0.7 mile to lot for Clara Barton House and Glen Echo Park on right.

From downtown DC, go west on Massachusetts Ave. At Westmoreland Circle, continue on Mass. Ave into Maryland. Turn left onto Goldsboro Rd at the T, then in 1/2 mi. turn right onto MacArthur Blvd, then quick left into parking lot for Clara Barton House and Glen Echo Park.

Directions from Parking Lot to Town Hall

The meeting itself is in the Glen Echo Town Hall at 6106 Harvard Ave. From the parking lot, walk up to MacArthur and turn left (northwest) and walk three blocks up to Harvard Ave. Turn left again. It’s the big white building on the right.


We’ll have an “official business” part of the meeting, followed by the “social” part of the meeting. We’ll try to speed through the more-potentially-boring parts of the official business (while still leaving plenty of time for questions/concerns/etc) so that the more fun parts (upcoming brevet season, awards to volunteers, member recognition) can get more time.

4:00 pm, Glen Echo Town Hall

“Official Business” part of DCR Annual Meeting (an hour, more or less)

1. President’s report
2. RBA report
3. Volunteer coordinator report-awards to volunteers
4. Treasurer report
5. Approve budget for 2011.
6. Elect Board members.
7. Recognition of members-Super Rookies; cycling achievements.
8. Adjourn.

“Social” part of DCR annual meeting:

* RAAM Boomers preesentation — Nancy and John Guth’s presentation of their RAAM adventure.
* Swap meet — no greasy bike parts allowed!
* Pizza (and anything else people might want to bring).

Look forward to seeing you there!

Nick Bull
President, DC Randonneurs

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