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Change in Club Officers

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

We are pleased to announce the following changes in the Club officers:

CBA/RBA: Nick Bull has been appointed by RUSA as RBA for the Capitol Region, after being elected CBA by the club. Bill and Nick will be working together to transition CBA/RBA responsibilities.

President: Nick is stepping down as President so that he can focus on his new duties as CBA/RBA, consistent with our tradition of keeping the CBA and Presidency separate. Before stepping down, Nick (in consultation with the Board) appointed Mike Wali, currently Treasurer, as interim President. This will be effective until the January 12th annual meeting when an election for President will be held. Mike’s term of office as Treasurer continues to run until 2014.

Treasurer: Mike’s appointment as President leaves the Treasurer position temporarily vacant. Before stepping down, Nick (in consultation with the Board) appointed Bill Beck as interim Treasurer. This will also be effective only until the January 12th annual meeting.

Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will be January 12th at 4 pm at the Glen Echo town hall. As usual, we will precede the meeting with a populaire, starting at 9am, weather permitting. We will follow the same elections process as in past years, with open nominations for Board positions that are subject to election this year. Look for details in a later email.

Meanwhile, we will all be working closely together to make sure the transition is smooth. Look forward to seeing you on a ride, soon.


Nick, Bill, and the DC Randonneurs Board.

Woodbine-Dillsburg 200K - December 8, 2012

Monday, October 15th, 2012

The December brevet will start in Woodbine, MD and travel through the piedmont of central Maryland and Pennsylvania, including sections rich in Civil War history. Leaving the McDonalds in Woodbine, the route heads north through scenic farmland to Taneytown, MD, which was ALMOST the site of a civil war battle. General George Meade was in the process of deploying his Union troops along a line through Taneytown when he received word that a major battle was instead forming 12 miles further north in Gettysburg. Following the same path to Gettysburg taken by Meade’s army on July 1, 1863, the route enters the battlefield near Little Round Top and proceeds north on Cemetery Ridge, passing the so-called High Water Mark of the Confederacy where Pickett’s Charge briefly penetrated the Union line. The route then follows mostly flat roads to an open control in Dillsburg, where riders can eat at a variety of sit-down or fast food choices. The return follows almost the same route, but includes some steeper hills on a very scenic section of Buffalo Road, before ending at the Pizza Hut next to the start. This route has rolling hills and a few steep hills toward the end, but no major climbs with a total elevation gain of around 7,200 ft.

Registration opens at 6:00 a.m at the McDonalds. The pre-registration fee is $5 or $10 at the start. The start is 15 minutes before sunrise, so bring lights and reflective gear.

Eastern Shore Flatbread 200K - Nov 10, 2012

Monday, October 15th, 2012

The ride starts in the town of Centreville, Maryland and takes in a nice water view on the Chesapeake Bay side of the shore before heading toward the Delaware Bay / Ocean at Slaughter Beach, Delaware. It looks like this year, we will have to work around the wooden bridge that comes in at mile 8 since they are in the process of rebuilding it. It may be ready in time, but not counting on it.

Compared to the climbs that we are used to on the western shore, the eastern shore of Maryland can be a wee bit flat, but of those who have done this ride in the past, we know that the wind is no friend. Be prepared for more of the same this year. As you pass through Milford, DE, don’t miss the opportunity to stop at Dolce Coffee – one of my favorite places on the whole ride. They make some tasty hot beverages as well as pastries to die for. This will boost your energy to go back out and tackle the wind. At Slaughter Beach, you’ll reach the midway point and a great time to get off the bike a few minutes and check out the beach. Due east, 12-13 miles, is Cape May, NJ. Look south and you’ll probably see the outline of Lewe’s, DE.

After the Slaughter Beach Control, you have only 10 miles to the next Control in Milton. It is an Open Control and there are a few good lunch stops, like, Federal Street Expresso Bar, Irish Eyes, a Deli, and a convenience store. Milton is also the home of the Dogfish Head Brewery if you feel like a tour is needed or just go and sample the beer. No food, though. You can be in and out in 30 minutes or less. Or, if you’re in one those fast pacelines, enjoy yourselves a bit longer. You’ll make up the time on the road.

Heading back towards Centreville and the final Control, the ride will pass through the Bridgeville Control and then into Denton, Maryland. There’s an opportunity to fill your water bottles and grab a snack before the final push into the last Control at the Good Guys Sportsbar in Centreville where great pizza and fun await you.

Cue Sheet and GPS Files for October 13 Old Rag 200K ACP Brevet

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

(Note: A revised cue sheet was posted at 2PM on October 11. If you downloaded before then, you should download the new version.)

The cue sheet for the Warrenton (Old Rag) 200K ACP brevet starting at the Howard Johnsons in Warrenton, VA at 7:00AM on October 13, 2012 is now posted at Cue Sheet - 20121013 Old Rag 200K Brevet. (PDF version at Cue Sheet PDF - 20121013 Old Rag 200K Brevet) Be sure to park either at the high school indicated on the map or along Waterloo Rd. Do not park at the HoJos or nearby businesses. Bring lights, especially in case of morning fog or rain.

The link to the GPS files is posted below. But please read this information before downloading them. Always get a copy of the final cue sheet. That final cue sheet contains the official route, so in case there is a conflict with the GPS file, you should resolve the conflict in favor of the cue sheet. Use the GPS as a handy-dandy adjunct. Keep your wits about you, as the GPS cannot notify you of road hazards — it is up to you to ride safely.

We strongly recommend that you set your GPS to the settings below. We cannot guarantee that these will keep you on the official route, but if you have your GPS set some other way, it is entirely possible that it will take you off route, possibly onto unsafe roads. Go to the Setup->Routing page and set as follows:

Guidance Method: Follow Road
Follow Road Method: Shortest Distance
Next Turn Pop-Up: On
Follow Road Options:
Off Route Recalculation: Prompted
Calculation Method: Best Route
Calculate Routes for: Car/Motorcycle
Avoid: (set to none – the route itself should control this)

By the way … make sure that your GPS either has maps already downloaded, or select the relevant maps around the routes.

GPS files are posted at GPS Files - 20121013 Old Rag 200km Brevet.