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Reno 911 RUSA 200km, Poolesville, MD Sept 10, 2016

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

This ride, which will start at 7:00 from the McDonalds in Poolesville, MD, was last ridden on the the 10th anniversary of RUSA, in 2008.  (Park in the nearby shopping center as far from the stores as possible as shown on the map. The ride will end at Cugini’s Pizza in the shopping center.)  The route design (by Crista Borras) honored the father of our brevet series, Dave Berning. Returning to the days of yesteryear, when ALL of Dave’s brevet routes went over Marlu Ridge, many of the roads taken on this brevet were included on Dave’s original brevets. The route is more or less a figure 8, with a gently rolling out and back section between Shepherdstown and Hedgesville, WV. Dave always described his brevets as traveling over “mixed terrain.” Let’s just say that this one includes “scenic” climbs over Marlu Ridge and Reno Monument, a lovely stretch through the Antietam battlefield, a gentle jaunt over to Hedgesville from Shepherdstown, a few truly mellow miles paralleling the C&O Canal, and some gnarly, choppy gut busters on Harpers Ferry Rd followed by a flat stretch along Sandy Hook Road with nice views of Harpers Ferry. The first 15 miles of the ride (before Marlu) and the last several miles on Peach Tree and Cattail Roads are a delightful breeze. Estimated elevation gain is about 9460 feet.