Kinder-Gentler ACP 400km Brevet - May 6

This is a Lynn Kristianson route, which got its name because after the Mother of All 300’s, when I (Nick Bull)  said I was going to quit randonneuring, she said “Give the 400 a try, it’s a kinder, gentler 400.”  For some reason, we only rode this route in 2005, so the route description may need to be updated after the checkout ride.

The ride starts at 4am, May 6th, at the Hampton Inn.  We follow the Old Rag 200km route out of Warrenton, heading generally southwest, passing through rolling horse farm country with the Blue Ridge Mountains as our backdrop. We parallel the Blue Ridge as far south as Somerset, before turning toward the Ridge and Stanardsville.  Skirting the county seat, we pick up route 810, the highlight of the ride. Set among the foothills of the Blue Ridge this is a very old and very scenic road in Greene and Albemarle counties. After crossing US250 just south of Crozet the route swings east and there is a southeasterly roll down wonderful Plank Road and then wandering over to the James River, where we plan to have a fully-supported control stop in Scottsville.

A brief climb away from the James is about the toughest hill for the remainder of the ride. Passing through the towns of Zion Crossroads, Trevillians, Orange and Remington, the terrain remains gently rolling.  After Orange, riders are basically on the Warrenton 300 route into Warrenton, including the possibility of a gravel road detour for riders with suitable tires.

Despite what RWPGS says, this probably has about 12,000 to 13,000 feet of climbing, comparable with the Firefly 400 and somewhat less than the Frederick “Four States” 400.

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