Hotel Info for Fall 2017 SR series events

Note: We previously posted hotel info for 2017, here.  At that time, we thought the fall 400 would be in Warrenton, but it is now in Frederick.  If you previously reserved a room  for the fall 400, remember to cancel it so you don’t get charged!

For the fall SR series, the 300km, 400km, and 600km will all start at the Frederick Days Inn:


The rooms are $65 plus taxes etc.

Book early! But if you book a room and later decide you don’t need it, please contact me. Don’t just cancel, because that potentially loses a room that someone else might want.

Let me know if you run into problems reserving rooms. Here are the events/hotels/blocks … (note the out-of-numerical-order block name for the 400, which we reserved later …)

September 16: 300km — Frederick
9/15 to 9/16 — Block name: DCRand III

September 30: 400km — Frederick
9/29 to 9/30 — Block name: DCRand V

October 14-15: 600km — Frederick
10/13 to 10/15 — Block name: DCRand IV

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