Northern Exposure 400km Cue Sheet and GPS Files, September 30th

The Northern Exposure 400km starts at 4:00AM on September 30th, 2017 at the Frederick Day’s Inn (near the Waffle House shown on the google map — you’ll see it when you get there — for parking, park at the “P” on the map in the gravel truck-parking lot, unless you are staying in the hotel),  Cue sheet(s) are posted at (note the 2up PDF version is intended to work well in the mapcase of a handlebar bag).

Lights and reflective gear are required for this ride so please be prepared for the light and safety inspection:  bring your reflective gear and ensure that you have the required front and rear lights mounted to your bicycle.  You can get safety-inspected Friday night between 7pm and 9pm, or at registration on Saturday morning.
Registration opens inside the Day’s Inn Saturday morning at 3:00 AM.  Please park in the gravel parking lot, see link above.  Here are some route comments:

  • The pizza place in East Waterford is closed, unfortunately.  Check the cue sheet for alternative places to fuel up.
  • The road out of Frederick has some rough spots–keep an eye out
  • There are two OPEN controls — Newport and East Berlin.  GET RECEIPTS!
  • Usually GPS files do NOT break at INFO controls, but for this route they do (to avoid the 50 viapoint limit).

The link to the GPS files is posted below. But please read this information before downloading them. Always get a copy of the final cue sheet. That final cue sheet contains the official route, so in case there is a conflict with the GPS file, you should resolve the conflict in favor of the cue sheet. Use the GPS as a handy-dandy adjunct. Keep your wits about you, as the GPS cannot notify you of road hazards — it is up to you to ride safely.We strongly recommend that you set your GPS to the settings below. We cannot guarantee that these will keep you on the official route, but if you have your GPS set some other way, it is entirely possible that it will take you off route, possibly onto unsafe roads. Go to the Setup->Routing page and set as follows:

Guidance Method: Follow Road
Follow Road Method: Shortest Distance
Next Turn Pop-Up: On
Follow Road Options:
Off Route Recalculation: Prompted
Calculation Method: Best Route
Calculate Routes for: Car/Motorcycle
Avoid: (set to none – the route itself should control this)

By the way … make sure that your GPS either has maps already downloaded, or select the relevant maps around the routes. The GPS files are posted at  The official route is also posted to RidewithGPS.

Climbing cues are often provided in the GPS file for climbs of more than 400 feet.  To read them:  A cue like C7.8m59to151 means “From here, you’ll be climbing for 7.8 miles for an altitude change of 590 feet, ending up at an altitude of 1510 feet.”

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