Hotel info for spring 2018 SR series

(FYI, the Calendar should be updated and registration opened by the end of the weekend … note that the April 14th 200/300 will now be out of Middletown, VA)

I have arranged blocks of rooms at the two hotels that will be our ride starts for events 300km or longer. Generally the blocked rooms are two beds. But for the Middletown, VA hotel they ran out so there are some king-size beds. All prices are pre-tax.

For each block, I show the date(s) and event(s), the hotel and its phone number, and then a line that shows info about the block of rooms, specifically the date of checkin and checkout, # of rooms in block, block name, and block release date if any

Book early! But if you book a room and later decide you don’t need it, please contact me. Don’t just cancel, because that potentially loses a room that someone else might want.

Let me know if you run into problems reserving rooms. Here are the events/hotels/blocks …

Hotel blocks for the 2018 spring brevet series.

March 31 200km/300km Frederick, MD:
Days Inn: 301-694-6600
Riders: March 30 to March 31, 20 rooms; book by March 16th

April 14 200km/300km Middletown, VA: Cacapon 200 & Mother of All 300’s;
Econolodge: 540-868-1800
Riders: April 13 to April 14, 16 rooms in Middletown — DCR, all doubles $69 cutoff April 1st, cancellation 14 days before

April 28/29 400km Frederic, MD: Four States 400;
Days Inn: 301-694-6600
Riders: April 27 to April 28, 25 rooms; book by April 13th

May 12-13 600km Middletown, VA: Shenandoah 600;
Blocks for Fri night before (Middletown), Saturday overnight (Raphine), Sun night after (Middletown)

Econolodge, Middletown: 540-868-1800
Riders: May 11 to May 12th, 25 rooms in Middletown — DCR1, 18 doubles, 6 kings, $69 cutoff April 25th, cancellation 14 days prior
Riders: May 13 to May 14th, 12 rooms in Middletown for Sunday night — DCR2, 12 doubles, $69 cutoff April 25th,  cancellation 14 days prior

Comfort Inn, Raphine:  540-377-2604,
Riders: May 12 to May 13th, 25 rooms in Raphine, $109, cutoff date April 15th.

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