Pastries and Coffee ACP 200km brevet, March 17th

NOTE: There are significant changes to the route this year because of the closure of the Grist Mill Trail, plus a bridge that’s out on Rutland.   In particular, we don’t go into Ellicott City.  So … old-timers, switch off your autopilot, and make sure to get the latest cue sheets and GPS files when they’re posted next week.

The Pastries and Coffee ACP 200km starts from the Big Bean coffee shop in Severna Park (green star in map).  Park across the street in the shopping mall shown with the red exclamation point.  Checkin starts at 6am and the ride starts at 7am.  We plan to end at Squisito’s where there will be pizza.

The ride starts a few minutes before sunrise.  Anyone without proper reflective gear will be held at the start.  Riders are strongly advised to bring proper lighting and reflective gear (

The brevet is based on Gardner Duvall’s permanent of the same name.  Here is his route description:

                Pastries and Coffee passes through the best of southern Anne Arundel County, where many riders off the randonneur scene will be spotted.  It then takes a fairly easy approach toward (but not into) Ellicott City.  Unfortunately, the Grist Mill trail is closed, so we miss out on our usual ride through Patapsco Valley State Park.  

                The route starts in old Severna Park at the Big Bean, where a morning wake up and pastries are on offer.  Climbing is moderate at 5,550 to 6,000 feet, with rolling hills most of the way and a few flat miles.  The first flat section is at the Chesapeake leading to the first commercial control at Honey’s Harvest.  Honey’s provides the choice of customary conveniences for a quick stop, a fresh hot breakfast sandwich, or pastries and coffee.  The next water is the Patuxent River, on the way into Waugh Chapel for another feeding opportunity at a large open air mall.  The next leg ultimately includes a fast but easy descent into the Patapsco River Valley, to a BP convenience store control at mile 108.  From there, the route takes a pretty easy course back to the start.  The ride ends at Squisito’s for the customary DC Rand pizza.

                Notes:  The Big Bean normally opens at 7:30, but they are opening at 6am for us as a special favor.  Please reciprocate by indulging in some breakfast at the Big Bean.  Since the ride starts in a coffee shop, you’re on your own for pre-ride snacks.

At Waugh Chapel the route crosses MD 3, where there is a “Michigan U.”  This is ridable but the better approach is to use the pedestrian crossing directly through the intersection.  Follow the cue sheet rather than GPS directions here.

                This course has several sections of paved bike trails.  Proper trail etiquette is required, yielding to pedestrians at all times.  These four sections total about ten miles.  If they are closed because of snow, the cue sheet will provide detours.

 The cue sheets & GPS files for this year’s Pastries and Coffee are here.  But note: This year’s route is significantly different owing to detours. So make sure to get a new cue sheet & GPS …

Pending the checkout ride, this year’s route is expected to be:


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