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DCR Summer Jersey Design: Winner and Ordering

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Winner:  The final round of voting in the design contest has selected the winning jersey.  The final voting was close, but the winner was the “Capitol Ride” by Bill Beck, RBA.  Congratulations Bill !  (Detailed results from the final voting are provided at the bottom of this message).


 Winning Jersey Design 



Many thanks to the all the design contributors and the over 75 members who voted.  Thanks again to Gary Dean for helping to set up this competition and to research the vendor options.  Thanks also to George Moore for coordinating the voting part of the contest and stepping in to take orders, since Gary had a schedule conflict.


Jersey Raffle:  Ken Zabielski won a free jersey!


Jersey Ordering:  Ordering is closed.

DCR Summer Jersey Design Competition

Monday, March 21st, 2011

DCR is having a contest to design an Official DCR Summer Jersey.  The winner (selected by member vote) will receive a free jersey.


After the contest is over you will be able to buy DCR jerseys in late April as part of a one-time private group purchase from the manufacturer.


The designs that have been submitted so far are posted here.


Gary Dean has kindly agreed to manage the jersey design competition and jersey order.


Nick Bull
President, DC Randonneurs

DC Randonneurs Summer Jersey Design Contest

Win a free jersey!


WHAT:    DC Randonneurs is sponsoring a design contest for the official DC Randonneurs summer jersey - with the prize of a jersey for the winning design.  Voler has been selected for the jersey manufacturer, and the design must be created using Voler’s “Semi-Custom Design Studio.” Once the final design is determined (through popular voting by DC Randonneurs members), a group order will be placed to take advantage of Voler’s attractive quantity discount (see pricing).  Moreover,  we can “mix and match” jerseys to get the quantity discount, so…there will be a wide choice of jersey styles to choose from (among the “Customizable” full jerseys).


WHO:      Design contest is open to anyone, not just DCR members.  Voting, however, will be limited to current DCR members.


WHERE: From the comfort of your home.


WHEN:   Design contest deadline is Sunday, April 3rd.  The goal is to have jerseys by mid May.  A complete timeline is provided at the end of the email.

How — Design Requirements

Randonneurs Love Rules!

  1. The design must include the DCR logo on at least front or back.
  2. “DC Randonneurs” must be on the back in lettering large enough to be read from one bike length away — at least equivalent to the size of the lettering if the logo is used on the back at maximum width.
  3. No PBP or other event specific logo, image, or reference should be included.  The intent is for a club jersey, not an event-specific commemorative jersey.
  4. Design images must be of sufficient quality to permit clear reproduction on the jerseys. See Voler’s FAQ (particularly “Artwork” and “Quick Start Guides”).
  5. A high-quality version of the DCR logo is available in JPEG and PNG formats.
  6. A high-quality version of the RUSA logo is posted here.
  7. If the images of the winning design will not reproduce well (Voler will evaluate and provide feedback when ordered), then we will have to reassess.  If a reassessment if needed (hopefully it won’t be), then it will include all interested DCR members.  If another design is selected through the reassessment, then it will be the winning design for which a jersey will be awarded as a prize.
  8. If two identical designs are submitted, the first one submitted will be considered.

How — Working with the Voler Site


  1. Go to Voler, then Custom, and Semi-Custom “Get Started”
  2. Click on “Start Design”
  3. Select a “Full Jersey - Customizable area 10″x16″” jersey as your canvas.  Do not use the “Fusion Jerseys” because they are on closeout, are not available in all sizes, and do not allow a full-size design
  4. Click on “Design Tools” tab to begin designing. 
    • Note: Voler supports images in only png, bmp, jpg, or gif files.
  5. Separately save front and back images of your design.  For best results press Alt-PrtScn and then paste and edit the screen image in an image program. (See [1] below)
  6. Create an account with Voler and save your design on the website.
    • Note: Voler does not allow for a group access account, so individual accounts are needed.
  7. Submit your design by sharing it via Voler website with Gary Dean and separately e-mailing Gary the front and back images of your design.
  8. Gary’s e-mail address:
  9. In coordination with Gary, the winning design will be input into a separate Voler account for group ordering purposes.
  10. If you have questions, please contact Gary at the email address above.

[1] Here is how to make a fairly-decent cropped image: Start up Paint (or whatever image program you want).  Paste the screen.  Click the “rectangle” in the upper-right corner of the tool icons.  Mark the area you want to crop.  Click Edit and “Copy To” and save to a “jpg” file.  Do this for both the front and back of your design.  Check that the files you save worked the way you wanted!

How – Contest Timeline

The timeline, with two rounds of voting and subject to modification as may be needed, is as follows:


April 3:      Deadline for design submissions — at 11:59pm Sunday.
April 5:      All submitted designs posted on DCR website, along with instructions for voting. First round of voting begins.
April 10:      First round of voting ends — at 11:59pm Sunday
April 12:    Top 3 from first round of voting posted on DCR website, along with instructions for voting.  Second and final round of voting begins
April 17:    Second and final round of voting ends — at 11:59pm Sunday
April 18:    Winning design announced and jersey ordering begins.  The submitter of the winning design will receive from DC Randonneurs a jersey of his/her selection.          


How – Ordering Process


Ordering Process:


The winning design will be sent via the listserv along with a “shared-design link” and ordering instructions.  People can click on the shared-design link and choose from among the jerseys that are presented in that link.  Note: the shared-design link currently only shows the front of the jersey.


Individual orders (type, color, and size of jersey(s)) will be sent to Gary Dean, e-mail address:  for consolidation into a single group order.


Use the price in the “16+” column PLUS 50 cents per jersey for shipping. 


Note: If fewer than 16 jerseys are ordered, the per-jersey price will be higher, and you will need to bring an extra few dollars when you pick up your jersey.

April 18:    Ordering Begins.

April 30:    Deadline for your jersey order and money being received by Gary.

May 1:       Group order placed.  If the final individual cost is higher because fewer than 16 order, we will notify orderers.

Note: we have already spoken with Voler and will get the currently-posted prices, which include the 10% off, even though the web page says those prices expire on April 15..

~2-3 weeks later:  Jerseys arrive and are available for pickup.

Group Order of DCR, PBP-Style Safety Vests

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Dear DC Randonneur,

Some of the information below has been posted to the DCR Listserve, but this blog entry consolidates it.

We are planning to place a group order for PBP-style safety vests with the DCR logo and club name.  These will be made by the same company that is supplying the PBP safety vests and they are identical with those vests, except for the DCR logo and name instead of PBP logos, etc.  We have ordered samples that will include all four colors (yellow, orange, pink, and green) and all of the sizes except XS.  The samples will include the DCR logo and name.  Photo-mockups of the vests are available here (colors may not be accurate–that’s part of why we’re getting samples):

All Vests

Yellow-Front.  Yellow-Back.


Pink-Front.   Pink-Back.


See below for more logistical details on sizing, the ordering process, etc.

Why get one of these vests now instead of just waiting until PBP?  The main reason I’m interested is that I’ve been burned too many times by making equipment changes at the last minute before a big ride.  Don’t want to do that again!  I want to get my “PBP safety vest” early enough that I can find out if there are any “issues” with it.  For instance, it has side-vents that you can use to get to your shirt pocket, but it might be really convenient to have a pocket on the vest, itself.  I’ll probably sew one onto my vest–but probably on the inside so that I don’t violate the EN1150 standard that the vest must comply with.

A second reason is that I think these safety vests look like they will be more visible than our current sashes or vests, so I’d like to buy one and improve my safety.

A third reason is to get a cool DCR-logo vest.  If I’m feeling rich, I might get a PBP-logo vest as well.

Some have asked how well the vests will work in our summer heat.  I have no way of answering until we see them.  They appear to have a vent at shoulderblade level as well as the side-vents.  So they may be cool enough for all but the hottest nights.  In any case, I expect they’ll be cool enough for at least 9 months of the year.  Maybe I’ll buy a somewhat-larger DCR vest for wearing over bulky clothing and a somewhat-trimmer PBP vest for warmer weather.

Nick Bull
President, DC Randonneurs

Logistical details on sizing, the ordering process, etc.

We expect that samples will be here in a few weeks, and hope to be able to bring them to the Dart on March 19 and the Urbana 200Km on March 26th.  Assuming we’ve seen samples by then, the ordering deadline would ideally be soon after.

Costs for the vests will depend on how many are ordered, but we expect that they will range between $32 and $37.

The final deadline for ordering vests will depend on when samples arrive.  We’ll post updates to the DCR listserve (and those who have indicated interest to as they become available.  This is a group purchase, so if you want to get a vest, you’ll need to place your order and pay in advance.  DC Randonneurs itself is not involved in the purchase and will not have vests “for sale” at any later date.  So it’s a “Now or never” purchase (unless someone else arranges another group purchase in the future).

Not every size is available in every color. Here are the colors and sizes available in each color:

- Yellow : XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL;
- Green : S, M, L, XL, 2XL.
- Orange : S,M,L, XL, 2XL.
- Pink : XS, S,M,L,XL,2XL.

Here is a sizing chart: See below for conversion into inches.

Dimension A is height and B is circumference of chest just under your arms.  Figure out which size is indicated by your height and which by chest circumference and then take the larger.

Sizing in inches:

HEIGHT: to top of head

XS= 52.8 to 59.8,
S= 57.5 to 62.2,
M= 59.8 to 69.3,
L= 67.7 to 72.4,
XL= 69.3 to 74.0,
2XL= 71.7 to 76.4,
3XL= 74.0 to 78.7

CHEST: circumference of chest just under your arms

XS= 25.2 to 29.9,
S= 28.3 to 34.6,
M= 31.5 to 37.8,
L= 36.2 to 42.5,
XL= 37.8 to 45.7,
2XL= 39.4 to 47.2,
3XL= 40.9 to 48.8

Keep in mind, you pick the larger of the size indicated by either the height or chest.  Also, if you want to be able to wear  bulky winter clothes under the vest, you’ll want to get a larger size.

Some more details on the vests:  These are made by the same company that is supplying the official vests you can order when you sign up for PBP, see

The manufacturer product brochure PDF is at

or see their website at

DC Randonneurs Woolistic jersey order

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Hello DC Randonneurs and friends,

I (Michael Scholten) would like to officially accept orders for a Woolistic DC Randonneurs jersey.

The details:

-Woolistic jerseys are 100% merino wool, machine washable, and feature chain stitch embroidery. They are very durable and very nice looking.

-The jerseys are available in either short sleeve or long sleeve. Short sleeve jerseys will cost $79/ea, and long sleeve jerseys will cost $87/ea. If you want me to ship them to you, add $7. This is a flat fee. If you live in the area we can arrange a way to get the jersey to yo u.

-A representative design can be found at

The general design concept has been decided on by me and the DC Randonneurs Board. Based on your feedback, we decided not to try to design a “forever” “official DCR jersey” that would always stay the same, but instead a “2008 official DCR jersey,” that we all think will look great, but might be redesigned next year. Of course, members could also decide they like this design so much that they just keep ordering it again and again. The jerseys do not have logos on them, because most people preferred not to have logos — but we expect to have logo patches available in the future.

Some of the specifics of the jersey design need to be hashed out with Woolistic (e.g. we’re limited to colors that are in stock), so details may vary slightly.

-Sizing can be found at There are women’s sizes, as shown in the postscript below. The men’s jersey sizing is consistent with the chart. (i.e. the cut is slim so you might have to order a size larger than what you normally wear)

-The jersey order is not limited to members of DC Randonneurs.

If you are interested, please send Michael Scholten (mschol17 at hotmail) an email stating how many jerseys you want, LS or SS, and what size. Then, send a check to:

Michael Scholten
13907 Mills Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20904

I can accept Paypal if you want, but you’ll have to pay a little extra to offset the fees. I will not cash your checks until the order is placed. If you don’t send me a check or if your check bounces, my service fee is ownership of your bicycle… so let’s make this work.

If we move fast we will hopefully receive the jerseys at the end of February. Once the design is finalized with Woolistic, I will provide a couple days warning (and numerous announcements) before closing the order process.

Order early, order often.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Michael Scholten

P.S. Women’s Sizing: I heard back from Woolistic about the sizing for women’s jerseys. There is n’t a ton of information, but hopefully this is enough to figure out what size you need.

XS = 30 bust
S = 32
M = 34
L = 36
XL = 38