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DCR's 2015 1000 km brevet

DCR's 2015 "1000" is the unsupported Blueridge Vistas Brevet.

The route was designed with two goals in mind: first, to be a self-supported ride that has low cost and low impact on DCR volunteer resources; and second, to be of comparable difficulty to PBP. So it’s a triple-loop 1000km. The route starts and ends at Warrenton and returns there at the end of each loop. More

DCR's Appalachian Adventure 1000 km brevet

Date/Start: Not being offered in 2015, the inaugural Appalachian Adventure was run in Sep-2014. See the link for that year to see the historic website. A new website will be activated each time the event is run. See sumary description here

Rider Comments

From Melissa Hall, IN (2014 rider) Would it surprise you to know that I was glad I had lost my company at the top of the first significant long climb on the second day? It was so breathtakingly beautiful that I cried (something I would not have done unless riding with a very close friend). More

From Eoghan Barry, NJ (2014 rider) For all that PBP and LEL are flagship events for audax, the most memorable rides I’ve had have been 1000s like the Mille Cymru and the Mille Alba. The Appalachian Adventure deservedly joins that list. More

From Chip Adams, MD (2014 rider) Thanks so much for organizing such a wonderful ride ... beautiful ride. It was a great experience. In addition, thanks to all the volunteers for checking out the ride and supporting all of those who followed your lead. Very inspiring knowing how much hard work goes into that. More

From Kelly Smith, VA (2014 rider) Enormous thanks to all who worked so hard on this event, both in view and behind the scenes... What a crazy way to pass the time – and what a great group of people to share it with! More

From William [Bill] Beck, MD (2014 rider) Thanks again to all the volunteers who made the Appalachian Adventure 1000K possible. Pictures are at https://www.flickr.com/photos/wabeck/sets/72157647393104595/. They include lots of riders and some of the gorgeous scenery. More

From Jerry Seager, DC (2014 rider) Thank you everyone for an awesome ride; I sure do enjoy this business. Just a huge stack of great memories. Excellent company and it was great riding. Everything ran smoothly, I can hardly make any comment about how the weekend could have been improved. Here are some of my photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/124116804@N06/sets/72157646985345028/ More

From Roger Hillas, DC (2014 rider) The cue sheet [was] remarkably accurate and useful for a first-time event. Best food on the ride: country ham and egg on toast at the Oak Ridge Station store and farm to table apple popovers at the Mudhouse Cafe in Crozet. Pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/108954786@N08/sets/72157647012965477/ More

From Bradford Tanner, NH (2014 rider) I have always been fond of the rolling hills and buttery-smooth back roads in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and I’m quite glad I didn’t. It was a wonderful Adventure and a ride I’ll always look back on with affection. More

From Scott Cone, MD (2014 rider) This was a very hard ride and it was manageable with the nice overnight support and food and encouragement. The route was fantastic and had services in enough places to get through it, although the water stop in the heat on day 1 was very appreciated. Paint Bank and Crozet were especially great stops. More