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Appalachian Adventure 1000km brevet: Event Details

Date/Start: The event starts 5-SEP-2014 at 04:00 in Leesburg, VA. (See topic "Qualification and Registration".)

All Registration is Closed. Registration closed 4-Aug-2014. (No day-of registration.)

Qualification Form Required: On or before 24-Aug-2014.

Route: As route-designer Crista Borras says, "A 1000km is a challenging, three-day adventure." We've tried to provide plenty of adventure in a route that is about as challenging as the BMB 1000km or the Eastern PA 1000km. To sketch the route: The first day is Leesburg, VA to the (fully-supported) Lexington, VA overnight; Second day is a pilgrimage to Paint Bank, VA and back to the second (fully-supported) Lexington overnight; Third day, return to Leesburg. (The route is over 90% in VA, but also goes into WV.) For the full route description and link to RideWithGPS pages click on the "Route" topic area, on the left.)

Cost: Cost is $275. This fee covers:

  • bag drop;
  • at the two overnights in Lexington, VA (see topic "Hotels")
    • double-occupancy hotel room,
    • food (soup, chili, rice, sandwiches, etc), and drink
  • souvenir DCR water bottle; and
  • post-ride food.
Riders are otherwise responsible for their own food, lodging, transportation, and other incidentals.

Services: The route is designed to provide services at good intervals for riders who expect to finish in 58 to 75 hours (see Ride Forecast). The fastest and slowest of these riders may have a few legs where they need to plan around stores that are not open. For details, see Services

Only two riders have finished comparably-difficult events significantly faster than 58 hours. If you plan to be a third, please let the ride organizers know--store closing times may be an issue and you may need to provide some of your own support.

Rider limit: Sixty (60) riders.  We will be surprised if we reach the rider limit, but ... if more than this register in the first week (after this is posted) we will have a lottery.  Otherwise, riders will be registered in the order their payments are received and should the Adventure become full then riders will be wait-listed.

Drop Bag Service: One 30-pound drop bag will be transported from the Leesburg ride start to the overnight at Lexington.  Drop bags should be back in Leesburg by Sunday afternoon.

Thoughts on Event Difficulty: This is a tough 1000km, comparable with the Eastern PA 1000's or the BMB 1000. We think that riders who can finish in the top 75 percentile of finishers on DCR events (see here) should be able to complete the Appalachian Adventure in time.  Riders in the  top 50% of finishers should have no significant problems. Slower riders will need to focus carefully on closing times for the second, toughest day. That category of riders includes your organizer, but we think that if he regains the fitness that he had for PBP in 2011, he should be able to finish the Appalachian Adventure. See further discussion in Ride Forecast.

Questions: Ask the DCR Brevet Administrator

Allez, Allez. Join your friends! See topic "Riders".